` Mueller Planetarium - Eclipses & Phases of the Moon
Mueller Planetarium

Tuesday - Saturday | 12:00pm
Sunday | 3:00pm
May 30 - August 27

Planetarium closed July 22 for maintenance.

*Schedule subject to change*

• Running time is 30 minutes.

• Recommended for ages 9+

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Children must be at least 4 years old to be admitted.

• Planetarium shows start promptly at scheduled time. If you arrive late you will not be admitted.

• Theater doors open 10 minutes prior to show time.

• For your safety, if you leave the theater at show time or after, you will not be allowed to return.

• The planetarium is a dark environment with overhead motion & occasional loud sounds during a show. It is not recommended for guests who are sensitive to such conditions.

• No food or drinks in the planetarium.

Presentation of many shows at Mueller Planetarium made possible by the Friends of the University of Nebraska State Museum

Since before the dawn of humanity, the Moon has been Earth's companion. Its features and phases fascinate us. It lights our way at night and sometimes appears during the day. It occasionally hides in the shadow of the Earth; and for brief moments it even upstages the Sun!

See how Solar and Lunar eclipses happen, hear the mythology surrounding eclipses, and learn everything you need to know to safely witness these astronomical events!

Join us as we explore Eclipses and Phases of the Moon!

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