` Mueller Planetarium - Classic Fulldome Festival
Mueller Planetarium
A Starry Tale


Larry Cat in Space | 11:00am
Oceans in Space | 12:00pm
Light Years from Andromeda | 1:00pm
The Cowboy Astronomer | 2:00pm
The Voyager Encounters | 3:00pm


• General public: $2/person/show
• Members: FREE (pick up tickets at Morrill Hall front desk)

• Planetarium admission is separate from, and in addition to, museum admission.
• Tickets may be reserved in advance by calling the Morrill Hall front desk: 402-472-2637

General Policies

• Children must be at least 4 years old to be admitted to regular public shows.
• Shows start on time. No one is admitted into the planetarium after a show has started (by order of the Fire Marshal).
• Theater doors open 10 minutes prior to show time.
• For your safety, there is no re-admittance if you leave during a show.
• The planetarium is a dark environment with overhead motion & occasional loud sounds during a show. It is not recommended for guests who are sensitive to such conditions.
• Minors must be accompanied by an adult. Children cannot be left unattended in the planetarium.

Presentation of many fulldome shows at Mueller Planetarium is made possible by the Friends of the University of Nebraska State Museum.

Join us as we celebrate our 60th anniversary as Nebraska's first planetarium with the Classic Fulldome Festival! We'll showcase a variety of features that have been converted from slides to fulldome. This will give you a glimpse into our past, with shows dating back to the 1980s. Click on the images below for a preview of that show.

Larry Cat in Space (11:00am)
(Recommended for ages 6-8, 35 minutes)

A playful, imaginative cartoon presentation about an inquisitive cat who takes a trip to the Moon. Through Larry's eyes, we observe his human family - a group of enthusiastic sky-watchers. Larry uses his feline skills to explore our nearest celestial neighbor!

Oceans in Space (12:00pm)
(Recommended for ages 8+, 35 minutes)

A journey of exploration that seeks out places where conditions are favorable for life to exist. This highlights the search for extrasolar planets and an understanding of the conditions necessary to form and sustain life. Inspired in part by the goals of NASA's Origins Program - an effort to answer the enduring questions that spur space exploration - this program introduces audiences to the diversity of life on our home planet even as humans embark on the search for life in the universe.
Narrated by Avery Brooks.

Light Years from Andromeda (1:00pm)
(Recommended for ages 9+, 35 minutes)

A beam of light leaves the Andromeda Galaxy and travels across the void of intergalactic space. On a planet located in a nearby galaxy, intelligent life evolves. As the light speeds across the light years, over the course of centuries, the primitives on the planet form cultures and civilizations - and begin to wonder about the universe surrounding them.
Narrated by Michael Dorn.

The Cowboy Astronomer (2:00pm)
(Recommended for ages 8+, 40 minutes)

Discover star legends and cowboy tales around the campfire! Our cowboy astronomer gives us his perspective of the night sky and the things he's found out over a lifetime of stargazing. He talks about star colors and temperatures - and we see how blue stars are hotter than red stars by the chili pepper ratings beneath them! We find the Andromeda Galaxy by hitting a first-base foul out of the park of the Great Baseball Diamond In The Sky. Along the way, we learn about young stars and supernovae, and what various cultures called the Pleiades.
Narrated by Baxter Black.

Dawn of the Space Age (3:00pm)
(Recommended for ages 9+, 45 minutes)

From 1979 to 1989 the Voyager 1 and 2 missions explored the wonders of the outer solar system. This is a definitive summary of results returned by the two spacecraft. It recaps the flybys of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in one convenient, thorough documentary.
Narrated by Patrick Stewart.